5 Benefits of Taking Personal Loans in Today’s Times

In the current era, money is needed at each and every step. But, everyday you cannot have the money you need or have sufficient money at your disposal. Often it is noticed that people who run short of money fail to fulfill their wishes and needs.

He/she will either postpone the needs or give it up altogether, blaming the destiny. But now there is no need to encounter such situations as banks, financial institutions are forwarding personal loans at a very fast pace.

Personal loans cater to the general finance needs of an individual who needs money urgently. As the name suggests, it is solely meant to meet the personal needs. It is a useful financial tool and below you will find its prime benefits.

  1. Personal loans may be taken at lower interest rates. If your credit card balance is just over the moon, you can take up personal loan to facilitate debt consolidation. To determine the amount you are eligible to attain, your credit card balance will be considered. It will be rolled into the personal loan to let you enjoy lower interest rate. So, it may be said that lower interest rate is the prime benefit of personal loan. It is much cheaper than the credit card advances.

2. Personal loan is a lot flexible option where you may use the loan in whatever way you want. It is much different from any dedicated credit account as you may pay the cash to any of the vendors. Payment can be made to them who do not accept the credit cards. Thus, you can avail the cash discount on the goods and services by paying in cash.

3. If you have maxed out the credit which is available, you are most eligible to apply for the personal loan. As per the FICO, the credit utilization accounts for nearly 30% of the credit score. If the loan is approved, it will increase the amount of available credit at your disposal.

4. Personal loan puts an end to variable or revolving interest rates. The major disadvantage of credit card is variable interest rate. With the credit card, you can spend just within the credit line. If you keep using the card, the balance may increase despite making payments. Apart from this, credit card carries variable rates of interest and so it alters the minimum amount to be paid. It may also increase the interest owned on the credit card balance. You can apply for the fixed rate loan where you will have to pay fixed rate of interest only.


5. Personal loan is a fantastic way to diversify the credit profile. If you have a few credit cards, opening personal loan will surely diversify the credit profile. Diversifying your credit score will also improve your credit score to some extent.

When you apply for the personal loan, make sure you borrow the amount which you can pay. To improve the credit score, try and pay before the time gets over. This will improve your credibility and credit score.